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Do I need a letting agent? 6 reasons why you might…
If you’re a new landlord, established landlord or even thinking about becoming a landlord, a letting agent can help you manage the load. We have put together six reasons why you might need a letting agent.


Did you know that a third of the properties in the UK are rentals?

And a large proportion of those are managed by individuals, not agencies?

If you’ve inherited a house, or you’ve moved out of a flat but still own it, it’s more profitable to manage that property rental yourself, right?

Well, yes… and no…

Saving money by managing her property herself is exactly what Christine thought she’d do. Here’s her story:

When Christine’s mother-in-law moved into a nursing home, Christine found herself with a house to manage. Luckily, her friend’s son Ben was looking for a home for his family, so it seemed like the perfect solution to have him move into the vacant house.

Rent was paid on time, and the young family were happy in their new home. Until the month Ben lost his job and wasn’t able to pay the rent. Christine was understanding – after all, Ben was her friend’s son. But two months went by and still no rent. Ben stopped answering his phone, and so Christine approached her friend. After a frosty conversation, Christine’s friend arranged a meeting at the property.


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